Unit 7 – Project Idea / Unit 5 and 6 Follow Up. 

Unit 5.

For Unit 5, a brief where we had to create a piece of work based on or inspired by something from the Victoria and Albert Museum, I achieved a pass grade. I worked with another student to create a short documentary about the youth revolution of the late 60’s and early 70’s, this was inspired by the exhibition: You Say You Want A Revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-1970. I am glad I achieved a pass for this unit as it was marked as a pass / fail. For my final project (Unit 7) I am aiming to achieve a distinction but would be happy with a merit grade. 

Unit 6.

For Unit 6, I documented the preparations I was making in order to progress to university. This included the courses I had chosen to apply for and why, my personal statement, documentation of any interviews and open / applicant days I attended and my offers from the university’s. I received a pass for this unit as it was marked on a pass / fail basis. I applied for the BA Hons course Media Production: Film and Television at York St John University, BA Hons Film Production at Salford University, BA Hons Film Production at the University of Worcester, BA Hons Film Production at UCLAN and BA Hons Filmmaking at Leeds Beckett University. 

I received an unconditional offer for York St John University, which I later accepted as my firm choice and will be attending in September 2017. I recieved conditional offers from the University of Salford and the University of Worcester. I also received an unconditional offer from Leeds Beckett, and recieved no offer from UCLAN as I had made my firm choice before they got back to me. 

Unit 7.

My idea for Unit 7 is a short film. I have chosen to make a short film as it is what I enjoy doing and what I would like to persue a career in in future. My short film will be a drama, as it my favourite genre. I currently have two ideas for a narrative: the first is about a group of teenagers who camp on private land and face consequences when they have an altercation with the land owner. The second idea is about a victim of domestic violence and how this has effected their mental health. I am currently planning the details of both narratives as I am unsure which I would prefer to do. 


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