Production Diaries – Introduction and Week 1. 

I have decided to do written production diaries as they are an easy way to keep track of the work I am doing and evaluate my work throughout the project. Once I have arranged my cast I will be asking them to record video diaries of their experiances working with me either on set or in their own time if they are willing. 

Originally I kept all of my production diaries on one post, however I later decided to seperate them and order them as ‘weekly diaries’ on seperate blog posts to make them easier to read. I will include important days and days I have been productive. 

1st Feb.

Today we were introduced to the brief for Unit 7, our final project on the Foundation Course. Our brief is to produce a piece of work in which we define the idea, research and production for it and show off our best skils.  Jo talked us through the brief and what we would need to include in our pitches and proposals. The first part of the project, the pitch is due the week after half term.

21st Feb.

I pitched my ideas to Graham, Brian and the other media students today via a presentation. 

Originally I had two ideas for short films: the first was a short drama in which a group of teenagers go camping on private land and get into trouble when they are confronted by the land owner. 

The second idea was a short drama / thriller about domestic abuse. The narrative for this is a woman running down a street and as she runs we see flashbacks to her life with an abusive husband or boyfriend, the woman falls and backs herself against a wall in fear and to catch her breath. A stranger notices her and walks over to help, placing his hand on her shoulder he asks “okay love?” This phrase triggers another flashback for the woman as her abuser used the same phrase but in an aggressive manor. The woman, in her flashback, sees the stranger as the abuser and strikes out at the man with an object, injuring him severely. As he has fallen to the floor the woman is pulled out of her flashback as sirens, signalling an ambulence has been called, play in the background.

I liked my first idea more as I thought it would be easier to film, however once Graham and Brian pointed out what could go wrong with the idea and the difficulties I could have faced we all decided that my second idea would be more feasible. I also think that it is more creative and different compared to the first idea and that even though it will be a challenge for me I am prepared to work hard to produce a good piece of work. 

Doing the pitch infront of my pathway tutors and peers was helpful as I got a lot of feedback and some was from different perspectives as some people had different opinions about how I could film my idea. 

25th Feb.
As my idea had been approved I started writing my proposal. On my time planner it states that I started my proposal on the 23rd, however I used that time to update my production diaries and write a blog post about my pitch. 

I started to get ahead of myself  and decided that I would like to include part of the song that inspired the idea for my short film in the first place, however as I wasn’t sure of the copyright laws or how to obtain the rights to use a song in a film I looked online and found an article on which stands for The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. It is a performing rights organisation website that licences work for people who are with their organisation and can sell it to those who want to use it in their own work, provided they have the correct legal rights. 

I will be including the research I have done on obtaining the rights to use the song in my work in a seperate blog post although I am not sure if I want to persue to matter further as I will not have the money to purchase any rights to the song. 



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