1st Draft.

After completing the first draft of my proposal I sent it to both Jo and Graham via email. I also printed out a copy so that whichever tutor looked at it could write comments on the paper. On the Monday after sending it, Mandy looked at the physical copy of my proposal and made some changes to the structure and the grammar I had used.

Scan 39Scan 40Scan 41

2nd Draft.

I then sent the revised version to Graham via email and he went through the printed version with me and told me to include more media language and to change the structure of some sentences.

Scan 42Scan 43Scan 44

I then sent this via email to Graham and Jo.

3rd Draft.

Graham approved of my 3rd proposal draft, however Jo pointed out some errors with my sentence structure in section 1 and told me to include more information on the research I would do and why I had chose my project concept in section 2. 

Once I had made these changes and had them approved by Jo I began working on my primary and secondary research for my project. 

Later on in the project, I created a final version of my proposal with my project title and Unique Learner Number (instead of my candidate number.) 

Final Proposal. 



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