Song Use Research. 

Before starting my proposal I began to think about how I would make my short film and decided that I would like to include part of the song that inspired the original idea in it as the line ties in with the content of my film. The line is ‘the past will catch you up as you run faster…’ If I cannot use the song in my short film I will use the line as a tag – line for my film and include it in the poster I will make later. To include the song in my short film I knew I would have to look at the copyright laws to see if I would be able to use it. The song is called I Know by Placebo[1], an English alternative rock band who’s name derives from the original medicinal meaning[2]: ‘A substance having no effect but administered as a control in testing. A fake or false thing used in place of another.’ 

I began my research using the Internet to look for the rights I would need to obtain in order to use the song and found an article on a website called[3], which I have written about in my production diaries. The title of the article is: ‘How to Aquire Music For Films'[4] and has different sections which gave me information on the licenses I would need to use a song in my film, how I could get these licenses, what to include when I would be enquiring about the licenses and what the fee would cost. This information has been useful for me as I now know what to do if I ever want to use a song in a film in the future.

 I decided to take it step – by – step and started with the first part which is getting the synchronisation license. To do this I needed to contact the publisher of the song, who is usually the copyright owner. Through the Wikipedia page for the album the song is on[5], I found that the publisher is Brad Wood. I then went on his website and found his contact information[6] and emailed him with the idea for my short film and  enquired about the synchronisation rights to the song. In his reply, Mr. Wood said that he no longer has the rights to the song and mentioned that it would be best to contact the record label, which I will do anyway in order to ask about the master use license. He also sent me a link to a helpful website on music licensing and wished me luck for my project. 

Later on in the project I decided to contact the record label Placebo were with for their self titled album, which I found out was Virgin Records. Unfortunately I could not find contact information for the US website and instead contacted the U.K Label via email to see wether they can help me or direct me towards the US Label.


Unfortunately I hadn’t recieved a reply by the time the project deadline was approaching and decided to include the lyrics I wanted to use from the song as the tag line for my film instead. 


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