Production Diaries – Week 2. 

27th Feb.

I showed Mandy the first draft of my proposal as Jo wasn’t available and I wouldn’t have the chance to speak to Graham until the next day. Mandy was helpful as she corrected my grammar and took out some ‘waffling’ parts and gave me ideas on what I could include. I will re write my proposal and show the second draft to Graham tomorrow as it will be helpful to get his insight as he will be able to help me with the practical and technical aspects of my short film as well as the media language I have used. At first I found that writing my proposal was difficult as I didn’t know what to include however I found it easier after looking back at the one I had wrote in my second year.

28th Feb.

Graham went over the 2nd draft of my proposal with me and approved of it, however I later showed it to Jo who made some changes to the first and second sections but said the evaluation and project action plan was fine. I made the changes Jo had suggested and showed her the completed 3rd draft, which she approved. I will now include pictures of all my proposal drafts and the process of writing them in a seperate blog post. Originally I had four drafts, as I became confused and printed out two seperate copies of draft 2 and thought that one of them had had changes made to it as I also had a third draft, however after comparing the two I noticed that they were the same word for word and realised my mistake.

2nd March.

As my final draft of my proposal has been approved and uploaded to my blog I began my primary and secondary research. Although both are important for my project I have started with my primary research because I need to understand the subject of domestic abuse and the facts and statistics before I start planning my film. I will also be looking into the psychology aspect of domestic abuse, including studies on what makes people abusive and the effect the abuse can have on the victims. This research will be helpful as it will give me a better understanding of the subject and an idea of what characteristics my characters in my film should have. It will also be interesting to compare this research to my secondary research to see if the abusive and victim characters in the books / films I will be looking at have traits or characteristics that are common in these types of people, or if the writer / film maker has focused on the obscure traits or characteristics to make their work more complicated.

The other primary research I will do includes: a survey, to see what people think of my film idea and what they think could be included and contacting organisations that work to raise awareness for domestic abuse and work with the victims of it to ask for information on facts and statistics as well as asking for an interview with either a member of staff or victim of domestic abuse for contextual research.


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