Secondary Research – Stats and Facts on Domestic Violence/Abuse. 

For my secondary research I decided to look at the statistics and facts of domestic violence in the UK in recent and present years. I looked at different sources and compared the statistics on each in order to see if they were accurate. 

The first website I looked at was [1] lwa stands for Living Without Abuse and offers help and support for anyone suffering from abuse. The key statistics of domestic abuse (written mostly for the year 2011/12) listed on their website are that;

  • Domestic abuse will affect 1 in 4 women 
  • Domestic abuse will affect 1 in 6 men, this shows that statistically women suffer from domestic abuse more than men
  • Domestic abuse leads to (averagely) 2 women being murdered per week, (this equals to 8 women murdered per month) where as domestic abuse towards men results in 30 deaths per year (this equals to 2.5 men murdered per month. Again this shows that statistically, men are less effected by domestic abuse than women
  • Domestic abuse accounts (on average) for 16% of violent crime although it is still the least likely to be reported to the police 
  • It has been found that on average, a victim will suffer from assault at least 35 times before calling the police. This means that it has more repeat victims than any other crime 
  • Domestic abuse has a high suicide rate – approximately 400 people suffering from domestic abuse commit or attempt suicide each year 

I then compared these statistics with a second source, another website: [2]

The key statistics (written for the year 2014/15) listed on their website are that;

  •  On average, 2 women are killed by their abusive partner or ex – partner every week. This statistic is the same (although worded differently) to the one from the first website, giving it a higher possibility of being truthful. The number is the same for the year 2014/15 as it was for 2011/12. 
  • Domestic abuse related crime is 8% of total crime. The first source states that domestic abuse is at least 16% of all violent crime, not total crime. 
  • Domestic abuse cases account for 14.1% of all court prosecutions, in 2013/14 the volume of prosecutions rose to the highest level of 92,779. 92.4% of defendants for that year were male, 7.6% were women, this statistic again shows that women are more likely to suffer from abuse in a relationship than men. 84% of victims were women and 16% were male, although 16% is a small amount, it is proof that the number of male victims has risen as this source [3] claims that in 2011/2012, 5% of men were estimated to have experienced domestic abuse. 

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