Production Diaries – Week 3. 

14th March.

Today was a pathway day which gave me the oppertunity to speak to Graham, my main media tutor, about my primary and secondary research. I mentioned the issues I was having with my primary research as the organisations I have contacted still haven’t gotten back to me and Graham suggested contacting more local organisations such as the Salvation Army. I decided to contact the safeguarding team at Blackburn College via email as they deal with a variety of subjects, asking if they knew of any organisations that deal with domestic abuse or had an information to give me. I am currently awaiting a reply.

15th March.

 Today we had a lecture with Jamie on research methods before looking at some of Jamies own work. 


We then had a group discussion about our project ideas.

Group Tutorial

16th March.

This morning I arranged a tutorial with Jamie via the FAD Facebook page, however as I was supposed to model for another student, Jess Davies’ photography project and then go on a location hunt with Louise Howarth I was unable to have the tutorial today. I have rescheduled it for next week with Jamie in person and via the FAD Facebook page.

I agreed to help Jess Davies by being a model for her project, which is about x-ray’s and human biology because I found it interesting and she had asked me a week or two before she planned to do it. Jess used fishing wire and print outs of her own and other peoples x-rays and held them up infront of me (and the corresponding body parts.) I enjoyed helping Jess with this as the end result is interesting and I am looking forward to seeing what she produces for her final piece of work.

After this I went out with Louise Howarth, Emma Newell and Samantha Hull on a location hunt of abandoned buildings in and around Blackburn as Louise’s project is an audio drama about an old asylum. Although the trip didn’t benefit my project I still enjoyed it as it was interesting to look at and explore the different places we visited and learn more about them. I also offered Louise advice on what to write about the places we went to including the atmosphere, surrounding areas and sounds we heard. We first visited the old Imperial Mill in Greenbank, Blackburn. We were able to speak to the staff who still worked their and take pictures of the area near the car park however they explained it would be too dangerous to let us see inside the mill or go in the outside section surrounding the building.

We then visited two buildings in Accrington, one was another mill and the other was an old house or hotel however we were unable to access the inside or surrounding outside of either building.


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