I chose to make vis comm work in the form of a collage because I enjoy this form of creating things more than drawing or painting. 

The piece will visually communicate different dynamics of an abusive relationship between a heterosexual couple including how they interact with each other through words and actions and how the abuse effects the victim which in my piece, and my short film, is the woman.

For my piece I have used a large picture of a girl from a magazine to show she is the main focus of the collage. I have then used another picture from a magazine, this time a drawing of a man on his phone. I then printed off a series of nasty text messages and placed them around the phone, as if they were being sent. The messages represent things that would be said to the victim in the relationship either in person or over texts. I used the ‘it’s your fault’ message to cover the woman’s mouth as it represents the man silencing her with his continues messages and manipulating her into believing it is her own fault. Creating this piece inspired me to change one of my flashback scenes in my film to show the woman receiving similar messages which will show the abuse is not just physical. 

When I had finished the piece I asked Jo, the vis comm tutor and Michael Skeen, a vis comm student to give me feedback. Both have positive feedback although Jo’s was more useful to me as she made suggestions on how I could make this piece more relevant to my film and improve it. 


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