After writing my script I decided to write a short story in the third person depicting the narrative of my short film. I have left blanks in place of names are these are not important in my film and will not be mentioned. As I have written this as if it was in a book I have embellished on some details (that may not be included in my short film) to give a short backstory and fill gaps in the narrative. I enjoyed doing this as I have always enjoyed creative writing. Doing this was helpful for me as writing my idea down in a story format helped me imagine what my short film will look like. It was interesting to see what type of images I associated with the words I had written and how certain words can influence the images and ideas that form in your head. The scenes I have imagined from the story format I have written are similar to those I had when writing my shot list. However the story format allows me to image the idea in terms of the narrative, the characters and emotions they have whereas a shot list is more about the technical aspect of the film, how a shot will look and how it is used to create a certain look or atmosphere in a film.

The first paragraph explains the beginning of my film, where the woman is running through an alleyway. It is mysterious and leaves the reader guessing as to what is happening. From the last sentence it is obvious that the woman is running away from someone, a man who wants to or has hurt her.

The next part starts to explore the woman’s mental health, as it is clear that whatever has happened has had a big effect on her as she has had nightmares and flashbacks. The last sentence hints at an abusive relationship as it mentiones how the male character began angry and aggressive. The flashback scenes in my film will represent the effect the abuse has had on my characters mental health. I will be using special camera and editing effects to give the film a distorted look and sound, again representing the distortion of the characters mental state.

The next part is exactly how I want the scene in my film to be shot, the emotions the characters are feeling will be shown through their facial expressions and body language. The last part, where the woman comes out of the flashback and is still running will also happen in my film as it will cut between the main narrative and  flashback scenes.

This part is filler information, it will not be shown in my film however it provides the reader with an idea of why the character would stay together and how the abusive character manipulates the emotions of the victim which is another part of the abuse.

The next part will be my second flashback scene, however it will show the aftermath of an argument instead of the actual argument and will include the text messages as again is shows the emotional abuse he is putting her through.

This will be part of the ending of my film. A stranger will approach my character and attempts to help when they accidentally induce a panic attack and flashback by using a phrase the victim character finds triggering at the time.

This scene will be similar in my film, however the location may be a bedroom instead of kitchen depending on the area. The dialogue will be similar and the last part, where the victim briefly comes out of the flashback, explains the scene I want to shoot where the characters ‘flicker’ and interchange.

Again this part shows the effect the abuse has had on the victims mental state as she believes the flashback is reality and lashes out at her abuser – only to lash out at the stranger in reality.

This will be the end scene of my film and will look similar to this description. However I may change details such as the injury the stranger recieves, his fate and wether or not an ambulance is called.


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