Pre Production.

Time Planners.

I have created weekly calendars for the months of February to May and printed them off so that I can write in what I am doing on a certain day and cross things out if my plans change. These calendars will correspond with my weekly production diaries and make up my workplan.






Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 15.36.58

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 15.39.20

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 15.42.34

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 15.44.30

Film Title.

To come up with a title for my film I thought about words I would assosciate with my narrative as I wanted the name to relate to the film without giving away what was going to happen. The words I would associate with my film idea are: hurt, abuse, mental health and cause and effect. Eventually I decided on the name ‘attrition’ because it means ‘the process of reducing something’s strength or effectiveness through sustained attack or pressure.’ Usually this meaning is applied to objects and building so however I have decided to apply a personal meaning to it as my character has been worn down by the abuse she suffers. 

Shot List – Main Narrative.

Scene: A woman is running through an alley way, she is clearly upset and frightened. Her breathing is heavy, as are her footsteps, as if she has been running for a while.

  • Wide Shot – This is to show the location (alley way.)
  • Wide Shot – This will show the character running past camera / through alley way depending on space. Sound – Ambient Sound for outdoor location, sound effects of heavy breathing. 
  • Close Up – Close up of feet as she runs. Sound – Heavy footfall sound effects. 
  • Close Up of Facial Expressions – Conveys the characters emotions to an audience.
  • Tracking Shot – Follow the character as she runs. This can be done from behind, from alongside or from in front.

Scene: The woman has tripped and fallen, she is huddled against a crumbling wall to catch her breath. Next to her is a pile of bricks which is part of the debris in the alley. A man, who has been walking through, approaches her as she is in obvious distress. He reaches out to place a hand on her shoulder and asks if she is ok. This sends the woman into another flashback, briefly coming back to reality only to see the stranger as her abuser and lashing out at ‘him.’ In reality, she has injured the stranger, which she realises as she comes out of the flashback.

  • P.O.V Shot – This shot will show the stranger approaching woman, the image is distorted as she is not focusing or aware of her surroundings. Sound – Sound effects will be distorting the mans voice as he approaches, this shows the woman is dissociating with the things around her. 
  • Mid Shot / Two Shot – This shot will show the stranger reach out to the woman, which triggers a flashback. She recoils backwards into the wall. Sound – Dialogue “You ok love?” 
  • Mid Shot or Close Up – This shot will show the woman reaching backwards for a weapon, which is a brick. The same shot is used as the woman brings the brick forward, intending to hit the man. A close up is used to show that the main focus of the shot is the object the woman has picked up, this also signifies its importance in the film. Sound – Ambient sound, heavy breathing sound effect. Dark music from Flashback 3 will continue here. 
  • Wide Shot – Shows injured man stumbling after being hit, shows woman becoming aware of reality and panicking at what she has done. This also shows the audience that they are alone in the alley. Sound – Male breaths heavily and groans as he is injured, woman is panicking (un regulated breathing noises, crying.) 
  • Close Up – Close up of the brick as the woman drops it in shock at what she has done, the audience see it is bloody.

Shot List – Flashback scenes.

Flashback 1 (Scene):  The first flashback shows the couple returning from a meal with friends. They are happy and discussing the meal, a mention of the male characters friend turns the conversation into an argument and the woman gets up to leave. The man follows and grabs onto her arm, preventing her from walking away. Although the flashback ends there, it is implied that more physical violence follows. This is proven correct when we see the woman has a broken arm in the next scene and in the main narrative.

  • Wide Shot – This shows the couple entering the house, they are relaxed and happy. Sound – Ambient sound, sounds of characters conversing.
  • Mid Shot – This will show the couple sitting and talking about the meal they have been to. This shot is used as an argument breaks out. Sound – Dialouge, general conversation and argument. 
  • Wide Shot – This shot is used as the woman character stands to walk away and the male character follows, reaching towards her.
  • Medium Close Up – This will show the man gripping the woman’s arm tightly. The significance of the shot is that the audience realise it is not a normal relationship and that he is physically violence towards her. Sound – Dialogue: “Criag (character name) stop, you’re hurting me!”

Flashback 2 (Scene):  The second flashback shows the woman character applying makeup in the bathroom to cover an easily visible bruise, which is more evidence of physical violence. She begins to receive abusive text messages from her partner and after reading them, looks into the mirror and is visibly upset.

  • Mid Shot – This shot will show the woman putting on makeup to cover a bruise. The location is in the bathroom and will show the woman looking into a mirror. Using a mid shot means the main focus is the woman’s face in the mirror and doesn’t show the camera in the background. Sound Effects – Phone bleeps to signal incoming messages. 
  • Mid Shot / Close Up – This shot shows the woman reaching for the phone and unlocking it.
  • Over the Shoulder Shot – This will show the audience the phone and the messages the woman has received.
  • Mid Shot – This shows the woman putting the phone back down. She then looks into the mirror at her bruised face and is visibly upset.

Flashback 3 Scene):  This is the final flashback scene, which takes place towards the end of the main narrative. The scene shows the couple in the kitchen, where they are arguing again. The man is threatening the woman and being intimidating. The woman, in her panicked state, reaches behind and grabs a mug from the counter and tries to hit the man with it. He stops her and begins to shout.

  • Wide Shot – This establishes the location (kitchen) and who is in the scene (couple.) Shows them arguing. Sound – Ambient sound, Dialogue (directed at woman): “I said no! You’re not going. Tell them you’re busy, why do you need to go out? You’ve got me.” 
  • Wide / Mid Shot – This will show the man moving towards the woman to intimidate her. The same shot is then used as the woman reaches behind her back for an object. Sound – Dialogue (directed at man): “You can’t control me!”  Dark music / sound effects start to build up to mirror the visual tension.
  • Medium Close Up – This shows the woman bringing the object forward, to hit the man with.
  • Close Up – A close up is then used as the man grabs the object or the woman to stop her. Sound – Dark music stops abruptly. Dialogue (directed at woman): “What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Were you going to hit me,huh?” 

Sound Bridge is then used (continued dialogue from flashback scene) as the scene transtions back to main narrative. Dialogue (directed at woman): “Go on then! Hit me! Fucking hit me!” 

Storyboards – Main Narrative.

Storyboards – Flashback scenes.

Call Sheet.
Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 14.12.43

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 09.44.25


108 Sudell Road, Darwen, BB3 3JA

(Directions available on Google Maps.)

Knowles Street, Rishton, BB1 4HT

(Directions available on Google Maps.)

Nearest Hospital in case of Emergency:
Royal Blackburn Hospital, Haslingden Rd, BB2 3HH

Shooting Schedules. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 14.21.10

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 09.43.57

Equipment List.

  • Canon XA10
  • Tripod
  • Fig Rig
  • Dedo Lights
  • Go Pro Hero4
  • Karma Grip

Canon XA10:

I have chosen to use the canon xa10 because I am familiar with the settings and features of this camera as I have used it most often. It is also easily portable which is helpful as I will be travelling to and from my locations. I will also be using a tripod for this camera. I have chosen to explore the other options I had and explain why I preferred the xa10 to them.

DSLR Canon 700D:

Another option I had was the Canon 700D, a DSLR camera. I originally wanted to use this camera because of the changeable lenses, which I could use to create distorted footage. However I hadn’t used this camera as much as the other and they had all been booked out before I could book my equipment.

Panasonic AG-HMC40:

Another option is the Panasonic AG-HMC40 film camera. Although it is a good camera I would prefer not to use it as it is heavy, which would cause problems when transporting it and other equipment to my locations and again doesn’t have changeable lenses.

Fig Rig:

I have chosen to use the fig rig to accompany the Canon xa10 because it will help me keep the camera steady during scenes in the main narrative, where I will run alongside my actress.

Dedo Lights: 

I have chosen to use the dedo lights as I will be using different types of lighting during my indoor scenes depending on the amount of natural light there is.

GoPro Hero4:

I have chosen to use the GoPro Hero4 because my tutor suggested it as it works well when filming outside as it automatically adjusts it’s lighting settings to the natural light and has good quality footage. Even though I am using the GoPro camera for outdoor scenes, I will also use the Canon xa10 for extra shots.

Karma Grip. 

I am using the karma grip to accompany the Go Pro Hero4 as it will keep it steady during scenes where I am running alongside my actress. The karma grip also automatically adjusts to wrist movements, allowing me to track my actress’ movements smoothly.

Equipment Booking Forms.

Filming Day 1:

booking form 2

Filming Day 2:

booking form 2


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