Production Diaries – Week 5. 

27th March.

On Monday the 27th I messaged one of my tutors, Kim about making my props and the materials I would need as I am hoping to do it later on in the week. She replied saying we could talk about it tomorrow.

I have also started my pre production work, which I have decided to do alongside my research as most of my secondary research will be ongoing until production and post production. I have started with my treatment, which is usually done at the beginning of a project, however I have included it in my pre production because I have covered most of what I will include in it in my project proposal. The other parts of my pre production are:

  • Time planners – the calendars I have made that correspond with my production diaries, I will add these pictures towards the end of the project when they are completed.
  • A call sheet – I will complete this once I know for definite who my actors are and when I will be filming.
  • Shot lists – one for my indoor location and one for my outdoor location.
  • Storyboards – again two for the two locations.
  • An equipment list – I will document the equipment I have chosen to use and why as well as the other options I had and why I didn’t choose them.
  • Contact with my clients (cast members) – to show that I am keeping them up to date with the project.
  • Equipment booking form – this will show that I have booked out the equipment with the technican, Brian, and that I have done a risk assessment.

Once I have completed these I will include them in the pre production blog post.

28th March.

As today was a pathway day I checked in with Graham, my media tutor, and told him where I was up to with my work. He reminded the group that it would be best for us to start filming soon as it would leave us more time to re film if we need to and then complete post production. Because of this I have decided to ask my actors when they will be available to film tomorrow or later on this week so that I can book the equipment I will need. I then continued my research, I am aiming to finish most of my primary, secondary and technical research by next week. The research that will be ongoing is my analysis of a Holby City storyline as the episodes are released weekly. I did not get the oppertunity to speak to Kim about prop making today so I will do this tomorrow.

29th March.

I continued with my pre production work, which I am aiming to have finished by next Wednesday at the latest and spoke to Kim briefly about making my props as she was very busy today. We arranged to make them next week however she did not specify a day, I will ask again on Monday. I will need to buy some of the materials I will need including paint and styrofoam. I can get this from local craft stores such as The Range.

As I feel like the project deadline is fast – approaching I decided to pick filming dates in early April and contact my actors to see if they are going to be available. The dates I have picked are Saturday the 15th and Sunday the 16th of April. I chose the weekend as my male actor works weekdays and as he is an adult he will be working over what will be the Easter half term for me. Both actors have said they will be free on these days so I will now enquire about booking out equipment on Monday the 3rd. It is unfortunate that the Easter half term falls on such an important time for me as it is when I should be filming and editing and I am not sure if I will be able to access equipment or an edit suite on certain days.

31st March.

I bought some of the materials I would need to make my prop bricks, which I will be doing sometime next week. As a lot of the items I needed were already provided by my college I only had to purchase a sheet of styrofoam. However, The Range didn’t have styrofoam and I bought sheets of polystyrene instead as they are similar materials. I have decided that I will use the prop making session next week as an experiment as I am not sure wether polystyrene will work in place of styrofoam and I will have time to re purchase different materials if I need too and re – make my props.



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