Primary Research – Location Reccé. 

Indoor Location. 

Originally I was going to use my own house as my indoor location however I felt that it didn’t represent a young couples home and decided to look elsewhere. I spoke to my cousin, who is around the age of my character and lives with her boyfriend about filming in her house in Darwen. They agreed and I later conducted a location reccé by looking at where I could set the equipment up, where I could place my actors and crew and how any health and safety matters could be prevented or dealt with. The address of my indoor location is  10* Sudell Road, Darwen BB* *** (I will not include the full address for safety reasons as this is a public website.) The location is easily accessible by car and bus and directions can be found on Google Maps. I will mainly be filming in the living room area. 

The living room appears to be small, which could be a problem with a lot of people in one room (cast and crew.) However once the settee in the centre of the room is moved back (which I have permission to do) the space becomes more open, leaving room to move around with equipment. 

The large window provides natural lighting, however I can also adjust the lighting using the dedo kit. There are multiple plug sockets for equipment and there are no wires or loose carpeting etc that will be hazardous. The couple have a pet dog, however he will be removed from the room or house whilst I am filming. 

Outdoor Location.

For my outdoor location, the place where the main narrative is set, I knew I wanted to film in an almost deserted street in Blackburn however I couldn’t remember the exact name or location of it. I contacted Aaron Dunleavy, ex FAD student and filmmaker via Facebook messenger to ask as he has made one of his short films there in the past. My next step will be contacting the Blackburn and Darwen council to get permission to film there. 

He replied with the unfortunate news that the street I wanted to film on is in the process of being demolished which may mean I won’t be able to film there. He suggested speaking to the council, and told me the street was part of Griffin Bank Top. I decided to find a different location as I wasn’t sure when the street in Griffin was going to be demolished. 

I found my second ideal outdoor location when helping another media student with her project. The student lives on King’s Road in MillHill, Blackburn and shot some scenes in a series of alleyways behind her house.

One in particular is ideal for my film as it is long and wide, giving my actor time and space to run through as well as space for me to film a wide shot from the side or run alongside / behind them. The alleyway also has a pile of old bricks towards one end of the street which is ideal as the prop for my film is a fake brick and will look in place. 

The problems I may have with this location include the ground, which is made of cobbles and may make it difficult to run over as it could be a trip hazard. To make sure this won’t happen I will make sure my actor runs slowly and I will remind her to be careful. Another problem I may have is litter in the alleyway, which could obstruct my actor from running however this can be solved by clearing the litter to the side walls. The final problem I may have is the weather as I am filming outside and cannot get the equipment wet, especially not the GoPro. 

On the day of filming I had to change my (outdoor) location due to my actress having travelling issues. I changed my location from an alley on Kings Road, Blackburn to an alley on Knowles Street, Rishton. I conducted a quick location reccé before setting up to film and found that the alley was clean with minor obstructions, which I moved to ensure my actors and crew didn’t fall. The uneven cobbles were an issue as I found it hard to run on them however Niamh, my actress, had no issue with this. 


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