Production Diaries – Week 6.

3rd April. 

Today was my first attempt at prop making to create a fake brick. Unfortunately I had bought polystyrene boards instead of styrofoam boards which would make the material harder, however as I didn’t have time or a the budget to buy new materials I decided to use the polystyrene boards. Following the tutorial I watched for my research, I cut the boards into rectangles and glued them together. After the larger rectangle had dried I painted the brick white and then red / brown, however the sides stood out and the layers were obvious. As I wasn’t happy with my first attempt I decided to save the rest of my materials and attempt to make another brick later on in the week, when I had a real brick to compare my prop too. 

4th April. 

In the morning I had a tutorial with Brian on the GoPro Hero4 and Karma Grip tripod. He first talked about the GoPro Hero4 and what it could be used for before showing me the different functions and explaining how to set it up. He then explained how to use the Karma Grip and mentioned that I shouldn’t lie it flat as it would vibrate and break, this could also be caused by turning the grip on without the GoPro attached. 

After going out and getting some test shots I decided to do some secondary research on the GoPro and Karma Grip so that I would understand how to use it better when it came to filming. 


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