Prop Making – Second Attempt. 

As my first attempt at prop making hadn’t gone as well as I had wanted I decided to try and make another ‘brick’, using the same materials but a different method. Instead of layering the polystyrene I chose to glue the edges together to create a hollow rectangle, which I stuffed with newspaper to add some weight. This gave the brick a bigger width, similar to a real brick. Compared to my first attempt, this one looked more realistic in terms of size. 

For the colour and texture of my prop, I looked at a real brick fragment which was brought in by another student. The real brick was rough around the edges and had a red / brown colour with orange undertones. To recreate this on my prop I rounded the corners off and I then mixed red, yellow, white and brown paint to create a light brown / orange colour that was very similar to the colour of the real brick. Although the edges of my prop look rough, I sanded them down to ensure the health and safety of my actor. To achieve a similar texture I used a paint brush and sponge to stipple the paint onto the brick. 

Once I had painted it, I added touches of green paint, again using the stippling technique. This gave the brick a mouldy look, which the real brick had as it was old. 

I am pleased with the outcome of my second attempt at prop making and I am happy to use this prop in my short film. 


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