Production Diaires – Week 7 (Easter week 1.) 

15th April. 

Today was the first day of filming, I filmed my flashback scenes at a location in Darwen. I had to shoot my flashback scenes first as my actor was only available on this day. Emma Newell helped me with audio and lighting and I directed and was behind camera, although I did need some help from Emma when setting up. The main actors, Chris Short and Niamh Mahoney met us at the location at 2pm, which was an hour later than we originally planned however due to traffic it couldn’t be helped. 

I started with the first flashback scene, where the characters are arguing in the living room and the male character grabs the girls arm as she gets up to leave. This idea worked particularly well because it meant I could include the cast on Niamh’s arm in later scenes and didn’t have to hide it. The audience would imagine that the incident happens after the flashback cuts off. 

The lighting in the first scene was all natural and most shots was well lit although looking back at the footage, some were over exposed. I used lots of wide shots and mid shots during this scene which, looking back, was a bad idea as the scene would’ve looked better with some close ups of facial expressions or body expressions to convey the characters emotions. I could have also changed the angle of the camera in some shots. Although Niamh and Chris worked well together I think that Niamh’s acting was more convincing than Chris’ as he had a hard time getting into character and often forgot his lines or improvised on a line I had already scripted. 

The next scene will be the third flashback, however I decided to film it next as Chris had to leave earlier than Niamh. The scene shows the characters arguing in the kitchen, the tension builds up until suddenly Niamh lashes out at Chris and attempts to hit him with a mug.

To set up for this scene I used a dedo light and bounced it off the side wall so that it would light the characters faces and bodies. I stood the actors across from the light infront of the kitchen cabinets. I positioned Niamh at the back with Chris in front of her, however I asked him to turn slightly so that he wouldn’t block Niamh from the camera but could still get in her face later in the scene. 

I started with a wide shot of the characters arguing and then changed to a mid shot. I used a close up for the shot where Niamh swings the mug towards Chris so that the audience would focus on Chris’ hand as he grabs her arm tightly to stop her. The mug also has a happy slogan, which juxtaposes the theme of the film. 

The second flashback scene focuses on Niamh, who is in the bathroom looking at her bruised face in the mirror. The bruise was created with a makeup palette by Emma and looked realistic. The character then recieves abusive text messages from her partner, showing that the abuse is emotional as well as physical. 

To set up for the bathroom scene I used a dedo light and bounced it off the ceiling to act as an overhead light as the real light had a yellow tone. I stood to the left of Niamh and the mirror to make sure the camera wasn’t reflected in the mirror. I started with a mid shot of Niamh looking at her bruised face before using a close up to show her picking the phone up and then another close up / over the shoulder shot to show her reading the text messages. I then went back to a mid shot as she puts the phone down and stares into the mirror. I liked the end mid shot because of Niamh’s facial expression which conveyed the characters emotions of sadness and hopelessness. 

We wrapped at 16:00pm and put the equipment away. Later I recorded a vlog of how the day went, which I will also do tomorrow after filming. 


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