Production Diaires – Week 8 (Easter 2.) 

18th April. 

I had rescheduled filming from Sunday to today due to the bad weather and my actress having a family emergency, however we were unable to film today as my actress had family commitments. Although I am due to give the equipment back to college tomorrow I will be asking Brian or Graham wether I can keep it longer in order to film this weekend. If my actress cannot film this weekend I will return the equipment on Monday and re – book it out with Brian for a later date. 

19th April. 

I contacted my tutor Graham via email about wether or not I would need to bring the equipment back today, he did not reply via email however we spoke on the phone and at first he said I would need to bring it in as another student had booked it out. He later rang back and said that I didn’t need to bring it back until Monday. I am glad about this as it will give me time to finish filming this week if my actress is available and means that I should be able to start and finish my edit within the next two weeks. 


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