Production Diaires – Week 9.

25th April.

I began my edit by cutting down the vlog I had made at the end of day one of filming so that I could upload it to YouTube and include it in my blog. 

I then started by editing the flashback scenes I had shot as I haven’t yet shot the main narrative (I will be doing so on Thursday.) I decided to use additive dissolves at the start and end of each flashback so that the transition from the main narrative would be obvious to an audience. I like the way the additive dissolve distorts the shot because it could represent the distorted state of mind of the main character.

27th April.

Today I got in contact with the WISH centre, my main source for my primary research and arranged to go to one of the recovery group’s on Tuesday the 2nd of May. 

In the afternoon I shot the main narrative for my film. Originally I was supposed to film on Kings Street in MillHill, however due to bus times and Niamh living quite far away we decided to meet in the middle which was in Rishton. I then chose the alleyway behind Knowles Street to film in because it looked similar to the alleyway I had wanted to use originally and one of my crew members could provide drinks and snacks as she lives on the street. 

I started by getting the shots where Niamh is running through the alleyway. For the first take I stood in the middle of the alley and tracked her running by using a panning shot. After doing a few takes of this shot I decided to try a different method and tracked Niamh running by running alongside / behind her, however when I looked back at this footage I found it was shaky and decided to use the first method instead. 

I then got a close up of Niamh as she reaches the end of the alleyway and slides down the wall. I liked this shot because it showed the character was out of breath and looked scared and confused which was a reflection of her mental state during this scene. 

The next part was difficult to shoot as it showed the stranger character, played by Oliver Moore, finding Niamh and reaching towards her which triggers the third flashback scene. At first I wasn’t sure about how to shoot it, as it would look strange if Oliver came in out of nowhere, luckily the crew member who lived on the street allowed me to use her back garden as a starting point for Oliver meaning I could shoot him coming out of the garden and then walking up the alleyway towards Niamh. 

I used a wide shot for this scene and used the same methods as before for tracking him walking towards Niamh, however this time I may use the shot where I walk with Oliver. I am happy with how the shots look, however the lighting may be an issue as it is dark and underexposed, I will try to fix this in post production. 

The scene where Niamh hits Oliver with the brick took a lot of takes to get right as my actors couldn’t get in character and kept laughing. I also wasn’t happy with how the shot looked as I wanted Oliver to move out of shot quickly, which was hard for him to do in a crouched position. I finally got a take that I was happy with, however in retrospect I should have used a close up instead of a mid shot as Oliver can still be seen in shot slightly. 

The last shot, showing Niamh standing up and dropping the brick as she realises what she has done is my favourite because of how well it is framed and lit and the fact that Niamh’s facial expression portrays the emotions I imagined my character would have at this point. Niamh’s acting throughout my film has been excellent and I would definitely use her as an actress in another film. 

Unfortunately after filming I forgot to record a vlog before giving the equipment back to the college. 


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