Filming (Day 2.)

My second day of filming was on Thursday 27th April, originally I was going to film on Sunday 16th April, however I had to change the date to Tuesday 18th due to bad weather. On the 18th I had to change the date again, to Thursday 27th, as my actress had injured her arm that day. 

My original location for filming was Kings Road in Mill Hill, Blackburn however I had to change locations on the day of filming because my actress couldn’t travel to Mill Hill. Instead I used an alleyway behind Knowles Street in Rishton. This location was similar to my original location, included bricks which I needed for the end scene and was cleaner than the other location. 

Originally I was supposed to use the GoPro Hero 4 and Karma Grip tripod to film the main narrative, however due to a booking error I used the Canon XA10 and FigRig instead. 

For my first shot I stood in the middle of the alley, I told Niamh to wait five seconds after I shouted action and then start running. I used a tracking shot to follow Niamh running through the alley and then cut when she got to area where the bricks were. I did four takes of this shot to make sure I had enough footage. I decided to do an alternate tracking shot, where I ran behind Niamh and used the FigRig to hold and steady the camera. I watched the scene back on the camera and saw that it was too shaky and blurry so I did two more takes to see if the outcome would be different. Unfortunately the footage was still too shaky and although I like the idea of the shot, I may have to use the original tracking shot instead. 

I decided to get a close up of Niamh sliding down the wall at the end of the alley as cutting to a close up would show the audience that the character is out of breath (signifying she has been running for a long time) and that she is upset and distracted by the flashbacks she is having. I also decided to take still shots of this as I think it would be the perfect image for my poster as it displays the main character without giving too much of the plot away. 

The next shot I got was a mid shot of the stranger character (Oliver Moore) coming out of his back yard to see what the noise is about, I chose to have him come out of the yard as it made more sense than having him walk up from nowhere. Unfortunately this shot was under exposed and had a yellow look to it which I will have to try and fix during post production. 

I then used the two techniques from earlier to film the stranger character walking towards the main character. At first I stood opposite to Oliver and tracked him walking up the alley towards the main character, Niamh. I did a couple of tales of this shot to make sure I had a choice of shots during post production. I then did a couple of takes of the same shot – but this time I walked behind Oliver instead of staying still and panning the camera. 

The next shot I did was a mid shot of Oliver bending down and reaching for Niamh’s shoulder which would be the cut to transition into the last flashback scene. Originally I wanted to film this from Niamh’s P.O.V however I decided a mid shot would look better as it would show the main characters emotions as the stranger character triggered a flashback for her. 

After the flashback scene (which has already been filmed and will be cut in in post production) the next shot is the most important one, where Niamh hits Oliver with the brick because she confuses him with the abusive character Criag (played by Chris Short.) This scene is important because it shows how the physical and emotional abuse has effected the character’s mental state. The first take of this scene was a mid shot, which I shot by facing the left side of the characters. I chose to shoot from the left side because Niamh used her left arm to reach for the brick. Staying on the left side also meant I wasn’t breaking the 180 degree rule. I did multiple takes of this shot because I wanted to have a choice of shots for the editing process, I also chose to do a wide shot from the same angle.

The last scene is where Niamh comes out of her flashback and realises what she has done, she stands up and drops the brick before the camera cuts to black. I deicided to use a mid shot for this scene because it would make the audience focus on Niamh’s body language and facial expression. This is my favourite scene from the main narrative. 

Unfortunately I forgot to record a vlog to document the second day of filming, however I have also written about it in my production diaries. 


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