Production Diaries – Week 10. 

2nd May. 

I continued with the editing process by changing the way I transitioned between the main narrative to the flashback scenes. Originally I had used additive dissolves, which made the shot flicker and change quickly which I liked the look of as it was distorted. However it also made the lighting in the shot flicker between light and dark which didn’t look right so I decided to look at other options for the transition. I asked my tutors Graham and Brian, who suggested I just use the black and white effect for the flashback scenes as this is a common way for an audience to tell it is a flashback. After making the flashback scenes black and white I continued to put my edit together, starting with the flashback scenes and then the main narrative. The most difficult part of the edit was the ending – where Niamh hits Oliver with a brick. It was difficult because I had to include sound effects of a man falling at the right moment as I hadn’t recorded any when filming or shown what had happened to Oliver afterwards. I found a good sound effect on a royalty free website and included it in the scene just after Oliver falls, so that the audience know he has fallen but don’t know what his injuries were. Another difficulty was the size of the shot as it showed Oliver backing half out of the cameras view whilst half in, this was my fault as I should’ve used a tighter shot. To fix this issue, as I wanted Oliver to be off screen I tightened the scale of the shot so that he is barely in it. 

Once I had finished my edit I exported it and will watch it with the rest of the media students along with Graham and Brian in the screening room for feedback. 

I then decided to write up my exhibtion plan, which is to have a seperate screening for media on the 14th of June – one for the Foundation students at 13:00pm and one for family and friends at 18:00pm. For the main exhibtion all films will be played in a seperate room on a projected screen, however mine will have to be played on a Mac computer with earphones as there is swearing which isn’t appropriate for all audiences. I have also created a poster for my film and included dates for the main exhibtion so that I can display my poster in the corridor whilst the exhibition is on and attract people to come and see my film. 


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