Final Evaluation.

For my final evaluation of unit 7 I will be reflecting on each part of the project separately so that I can be specific about what I have done, what I would do differently if I could and what I think I can improve on in the future. I will then evaluate the project as a whole in my conclusion.

Outcome: Attrition (A Short Film) – Hayley Dean.



Research and Pre – Production:



Filming took two days, which originally would have been Saturday 15th April and Sunday 16th April, however due to bad weather I was unable to film on the Sunday. This was re-arranged for Friday 21st April, however I had to re-arrange dates again as my actress had injured her arm that day. We chose Thursday 27th April, which went ahead as planned. 


Post Production – Editing:


Post Production – Exhibition Plan

My exhibition plan –

I have created a poster for my short film, to be displayed near my exhibition space as this will promote my film to those in the exhibition and encourage people to watch it. I chose to use a still image from my film for the poster as it gives the audience an idea of what it is about without revealing too much, I chose the name ‘attrition’ for my film because of the meaning: “the process of reducing something’s strength or effectiveness through sustained attack or pressure.” This is usually used in terms of buildings or objects however I have chosen to apply a personal meaning to it as it relates to the theme of my film, which is domestic abuse, and shows that through the abuse the female character has lost strength and confidence. I like the name of my film as it is short and to the point, although I would have liked to have thought of it sooner as this means I will have to create a fourth draft of my original proposal to include it. I have advertised where and when my film will be showing as media will be using a different room to the main exhibition.


To summarise, I am pleased with how the project has gone and feel happy with my final outcome, even though it is not what I originally envisioned it is still a good short film in my opinion.



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