Production Diaries – Week 14.

5th June. 

Today was the submission day for all work, which I handed in in a clear plastic folder. I included my storyboards and equipment booking forms as well as the work book I had written in throughout the project. I also printed off a copy of my poster to submit and will print another copy for the screening on the 14th. 

Before submitting my work Peter looked over my evaluation and said that it was well structured and well written, however he said that I had been too self -depreciating and that I should change the structure of some sentences. I will make these changes to the evaluation I have written on my blog. 

6th June. 

Media arranged a meeting for this morning at 9:00am in the screening room, I had posted this information on the FAD page but forgot to include the time which may be why a lot of people didn’t show up. Emma, Josh and I attended and they arranged the order of the showreel and gave it to Brian. I then made a list of food and drink we will need (popcorn and pop) which Jo will provide for us. We made a third list to work out how many tickets needed to be printed, how many posters needed to be printed and the cost. Jo will cover the cost of the tickets and a larger main poster however we will each have to print our own individual film poster to display at the screening. 

We have decided to use red and blue balloons for our decorations as they match the colours in the tickets and main poster. These cost £1 — from the market in town. We will also use red and white stripy popcorn containers which cost £1. 


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