Production Diaries – Week 15. 

Tuesday 13th June. 

Today media started to set up the room we will be using for the main exhibtion on Wednesday 21st June. We started by stacking the tables and chairs against the far wall as these will be covered by curtains later. We then started to clean the chairs we had been given, however as there were only 6 of them we will have to look for more later. We then hung the curtains infront of the far wall (to block out light) and infront of the back of the room. We have left one wall bare as this is where the Mac Computer will go, which will show all the films with bad language as there will be families with young  children at the exhibtion. 

Louise Howarth and I then went to buy snacks and refreshments for the Media screening tomorrow from Aldi. We decided to buy different flavours of popcorn (toffee, sweet and sweet and salted,) lemonade, apple juice and orange juice so that our guests would have a choice. We gave these to Jo to keep until tomorrow afternoon. 

Wednesday 14th June. 

Today was the seperate Media screening in the STEM building. We decided to have two screenings – one at 13:30 for the FAD students and one at 17:00 for family and friends.

 We set up the screening room by making sure it was tidy and that there would be enough chairs. We then hung the big roll banner poster, created by Emma Newell, at the end of the corridor and put up our individual posters across from the screening room. I had bought red and blue balloons to match our big poster and these were dotted around the corridor and attached to the screening room door. 

The first screening was disappointing as only a handful of FAD students attended. This was annoying because we had arranged a screening just for them instead of just having one for friends and family. The students who did come seemed to enjoy the films and gave us positive feedback at the end. 

During the break between the first and second screening we decided to take a group picture of all the media students (unfortunately three couldn’t be there) and our tutors Graham and Brian.

We used the room next to the screening room to host refreshments and snacks for the second screening. The second screening went much better than the first, as more people attended and Graham gave an introduction at the beginning. Everyone seemed to enjoy the films and had kind words for the students at the end. 


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