The screening day on Wednesday 14th June was media’s separate exhibtion where we could screen our films to the other FAD students, our friends and family. 

We decided to have two screenings – one for FAD students at 13:30pm and one for friends and family at 17:00pm. In preparation for the 13:30 screening we put up our individual posters opposite the screening room and used a roll banner to display the bigger main poster which was created by Emma Newell. I bought red and blue ballons, which matched the colour scheme of the poster, and stuck them to the door of the screening room and scattered the rest outside in the corridor. 

I am disappointed that only a handful of students from FAD attended the first screening because we had arranged it specifically for them. The students who did come enjoyed watching the variety of films and gave us compliments and positive feedback at the end. 

The second screening was better than the first as more people attended, including some FAD students who had been busy that afternoon. I had invited all three of my actors, however Oliver Moore (extra, stranger character) was the only one able to attend. For the second screening we provided bags of popcorn and a variety of drinks in the room next door. Graham introduced the screening this time and talked about the course before showing the films. The audience enjoyed most of the films and had positive words for us at the end. 

I am pleased with how the screening went, although it would have been better if more people had attended. 


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