Screening Day. 🎬

The screening day on Wednesday 14th June was media’s separate exhibtion where we could screen our films to the other FAD students, our friends and family. 

We decided to have two screenings – one for FAD students at 13:30pm and one for friends and family at 17:00pm. In preparation for the 13:30 screening we put up our individual posters opposite the screening room and used a roll banner to display the bigger main poster which was created by Emma Newell. I bought red and blue ballons, which matched the colour scheme of the poster, and stuck them to the door of the screening room and scattered the rest outside in the corridor. 

I am disappointed that only a handful of students from FAD attended the first screening because we had arranged it specifically for them. The students who did come enjoyed watching the variety of films and gave us compliments and positive feedback at the end. 

The second screening was better than the first as more people attended, including some FAD students who had been busy that afternoon. I had invited all three of my actors, however Oliver Moore (extra, stranger character) was the only one able to attend. For the second screening we provided bags of popcorn and a variety of drinks in the room next door. Graham introduced the screening this time and talked about the course before showing the films. The audience enjoyed most of the films and had positive words for us at the end. 

I am pleased with how the screening went, although it would have been better if more people had attended. 


Production Diaries – Week 15. 

Tuesday 13th June. 

Today media started to set up the room we will be using for the main exhibtion on Wednesday 21st June. We started by stacking the tables and chairs against the far wall as these will be covered by curtains later. We then started to clean the chairs we had been given, however as there were only 6 of them we will have to look for more later. We then hung the curtains infront of the far wall (to block out light) and infront of the back of the room. We have left one wall bare as this is where the Mac Computer will go, which will show all the films with bad language as there will be families with young  children at the exhibtion. 

Louise Howarth and I then went to buy snacks and refreshments for the Media screening tomorrow from Aldi. We decided to buy different flavours of popcorn (toffee, sweet and sweet and salted,) lemonade, apple juice and orange juice so that our guests would have a choice. We gave these to Jo to keep until tomorrow afternoon. 

Wednesday 14th June. 

Today was the seperate Media screening in the STEM building. We decided to have two screenings – one at 13:30 for the FAD students and one at 17:00 for family and friends.

 We set up the screening room by making sure it was tidy and that there would be enough chairs. We then hung the big roll banner poster, created by Emma Newell, at the end of the corridor and put up our individual posters across from the screening room. I had bought red and blue balloons to match our big poster and these were dotted around the corridor and attached to the screening room door. 

The first screening was disappointing as only a handful of FAD students attended. This was annoying because we had arranged a screening just for them instead of just having one for friends and family. The students who did come seemed to enjoy the films and gave us positive feedback at the end. 

During the break between the first and second screening we decided to take a group picture of all the media students (unfortunately three couldn’t be there) and our tutors Graham and Brian.

We used the room next to the screening room to host refreshments and snacks for the second screening. The second screening went much better than the first, as more people attended and Graham gave an introduction at the beginning. Everyone seemed to enjoy the films and had kind words for the students at the end. 

Production Diaries – Week 14.

5th June. 

Today was the submission day for all work, which I handed in in a clear plastic folder. I included my storyboards and equipment booking forms as well as the work book I had written in throughout the project. I also printed off a copy of my poster to submit and will print another copy for the screening on the 14th. 

Before submitting my work Peter looked over my evaluation and said that it was well structured and well written, however he said that I had been too self -depreciating and that I should change the structure of some sentences. I will make these changes to the evaluation I have written on my blog. 

6th June. 

Media arranged a meeting for this morning at 9:00am in the screening room, I had posted this information on the FAD page but forgot to include the time which may be why a lot of people didn’t show up. Emma, Josh and I attended and they arranged the order of the showreel and gave it to Brian. I then made a list of food and drink we will need (popcorn and pop) which Jo will provide for us. We made a third list to work out how many tickets needed to be printed, how many posters needed to be printed and the cost. Jo will cover the cost of the tickets and a larger main poster however we will each have to print our own individual film poster to display at the screening. 

We have decided to use red and blue balloons for our decorations as they match the colours in the tickets and main poster. These cost £1 — from the market in town. We will also use red and white stripy popcorn containers which cost £1. 

Production Diaires – Week 13.

22nd May. 

Peter and I had a short talk about where I was up to with my blog work, which I have almost completed. He has begun to look through my blog and we have arranged a tutorial for Thursday. He later sent a message via Facebook saying that he liked a certain part of my research and that he has written down things for me to consider over the half term break. 

Tomorrow I will get my feedback from Graham from last Tuesday and include my ULN number and project date on my final proposal document. I will print out and fill in the submission sheets Jo has created, ready for the final deadline. I will also print two copies of my film poster in A3 to display outside the exhibtion, one will be for the media – only exhibtion and the other for the main exhibtion. 

Production Diaries – Week 12. 

15th May. 

Today was the start of the exhibition prep process, which meant that we (the class) had to clear out and clean the Foundation room in order to set up the exhibition space. We started by clearing out our drawers and moving any work that had been left around the room. We then cleared the tables, which were stacked along one wall and then the chairs which were stacked on top of drawers. These will be hidden by the exhibition boards, which were put up after the space was cleared. I then helped by cleaning the sink areas and chairs that will be used during the exhibition. 

16th May.

In the morning we had a group screening of our final edits with Brian and Graham, who would give us feedback. I chose to go first as I had to leave before 10:00 because of my meeting at the WISH centre. Unfortunately I had to leave before my film could be shown, but I asked my peers to write down their feedback and I will collect it, and the feedback from my tutors next week. 

The meeting at the WISH centre was with Lauren today as Julie is still away. The group talked about how domestic abuse between parents can affect children in the household, a discussion was held about what the women thought their children needed, what they needed and what they thought an abusive person needed. We then watched the BBC drama Murdered By My Boyfriend (2014) which I have analysed for my secondary research earlier in the project. The film was very hard – hitting, for myself as it brought back the reality of what some people go through and for the women in the group as most of them had had very similar experiences to the character in the film. 

Originally after the group I wanted to show those who stayed behind for my interviews my own short film, however I felt that it wasn’t the right time as they had just watched a film about domestic abuse and were emotional. Five women stayed behind and allowed me to interview them anonymously on their experiences with abusive partners. I asked the women how they had felt then, how they felt now, how the WISH centre was helping them / had helped them and what they were moving forward to. It was nice to see that despite the things these women have experienced, they still had a positive outlook on life and were working towards goals and aspirations. I will link the interview recordings to my primary research post through Google Drive. 

18th May. 

Continuing with the exhibition prep, we spent the day painting the exhibition boards and cleaning, sanding and painting the corridor outside the Foundation room. I helped by painting some of the boards, painting part of the corridor later on and washing the paint trays and brushes at the end of the day. Next week we will begin to display work and media will put together a showreel of our films to be shown at the main exhibition and our seperate one. 

Final Evaluation and Outcome.

For my final project I wanted to create a short drama film with the theme of domestic abuse. I chose to explore this theme because I wanted to raise awareness for the subject and wanted to be creative with my original idea, which was a woman running down an alleyway to get away from something. I futher developed my idea into a narrative about a woman running away from her former life with an abusive partner, as the abuse has effected her mental health and means she suffers from flashbacks and becomes disoriented which is why she is running. 

At the beginning of the project I wrote a proposal, which I have mostly stuck to throughout the project. In the first section, proposal states that the Foundation course has helped me to develop new skills and expand my knowledge of media. This has continued throughout my fmp as I have experimented with different styles of filming, used different equipment and experimented with new editing techniques.

 The second section, which is the project concept states that for my primary research I would be contacting local organisations who work with domestic abuse victims for interviews which I have managed to do, I have gone further than this by attending group sessions with women who have survived abusive relationships and learning about the recovery process with them. This research has helped me to better understand the subject of domestic abuse and the victims of it, talking to some of the women in the groups was an eye – opening experience that allowed me to understand what my main character could be thinking and feeling throughout my film. It is unfortunate that I was not able to arrange these meetings until after I had filmed, as conducting interviews would have been more helpful to me at the beginning of the project.

I have also worked towards my proposal with my secondary research, as I have analysed a number of films and TV clips with the theme of domestic abuse and taken inspiration from them for my own film. In my proposal I mentioned that I would be looking into other forms of creativity that dealt with the subject of abuse such as books, photography and fine art pieces. Although I did analyse two books on the subject I later decided that looking at photography and art work wasn’t relevant to the work I was doing and decided against analysing it. Analysing a variety of media (films, TV clips and books) helped me develop ideas for camera angles and shot types, character types, dialogue and location settings. 

I also decided to look into the psychology of domestic abuse, to futher my understanding of the subject and to get an idea of what my characters should act like. This research has helped me with my character development as I was able to pick out ways they should act such as body langue, facial expressions and movements to use in my film.  

Part of my project was pre – production which includes my shot lists, storyboards, tutorials and equipment choices. Experimenting with different equipment and refreshing my memory on how to use it helped me to choose equipment that would be right for my project, for example the GoPro Hero4 would have been perfect for tracking (running) shots if I had been able to use it. Creating a more detailed shot list meant that I knew exactly what type of shots I wanted to get whilst filming, allowing the process to run smoothly. 

I have created a poster for my short film, to be displayed near my exhibition space as this will promote my film to those in the exhibition and encourage people to watch it. I chose to use a still image from my film for the poster as it gives the audience an idea of what it is about without revealing too much, I chose the name ‘attrition’ for my film because of the meaning: “the process of reducing something’s strength or effectiveness through sustained attack or pressure.” This is usually used in terms of buildings or objects however I have chosen to apply a personal meaning to it as it relates to the theme of my film, which is domestic abuse, and shows that through the abuse the female character has lost strength and confidence. I like the name of my film as it is short and to the point, although I would have liked to have thought of it sooner as this means I will have to create a fourth draft of my original proposal to include it. I have advertised where and when my film will be showing as media will be using a different room to the main exhibition.

The final outcome of my project was a short, 3 minute film about domestic abuse, the effect it can have on a persons mental state and the consequences of this. My original goal was to have a 5 – 10 minute film, however I am happy with the length as it still gets the story and meaning across. If I were to do this project again I would expand my time limit so that I could futher develop my ideas and include more scenes. 

Although I am happy with my final outcome I am disappointed that my film doesn’t look how I imagined it would at the beginning of the project. This is partly because of my technical skills, something I need to improve on and expand futher in future. In retrospect I should have used a larger variety of camera angles and shot types as this would have given me more options to choose from during post production. 

To conclude, I am pleased with how the project has gone despite some problems and feel happy with my final outcome, even though it is not what I originally envisioned. 


Production Diaries – Week 11. 

8th May

As I had finished my final edit I began to work on my final evaluation, where I will reflect on the work I have done and evaluate each process (research, filming and editing) in terms of what went well, what didn’t go well and why and what I would do differently if I were to do the project again. 

11th May

Today is the last day to complete pieces of physical work as the deadline to hand it in is Monday 17th. I will be giving my film to Brian via USB as he is editing all of media’s films together so that they can play on a loop during the main exhibition. 

In the afternoon I had a short meeting with Peter and he gave me feedback on my finished film, which I have uploaded to YouTube. I will privatise the video after showing it to Jo as it has not been marked yet. Peter said that my film was powerful as it tackled a delicate subject and that I had resolved telling a complex story through the narrative and shots I had used. He mentioned that one of my strengths is planning how I shoot scenes and that he has noticed this in my other work, this is similar to what Brian has told me before as he also thinks my strengths are planning and organising. 

In his opinion, the strongest scenes are the flashback scenes as he likes the interior shots and thinks that the black and white effect works to hide the strong lighting. Peter also liked the ending, which he said was a dramatic way of concluding the story. He mentioned that I had managed to convey the narrative, the time changes and the pressure the character was under due to the abuse in a short space of time which gave the film a good pace. He was pleased with the film as a whole and said that he felt involved with the narrative and the characters. 

I am happy that I have recieved a lot of positive feedback about my film as I was slightly unhappy with it before as it wasn’t what I had imagined. I have planned to have a tutorial with Peter next Thursday to look at my blog work.