Production Diaires – Week 13.

22nd May. 

Peter and I had a short talk about where I was up to with my blog work, which I have almost completed. He has begun to look through my blog and we have arranged a tutorial for Thursday. He later sent a message via Facebook saying that he liked a certain part of my research and that he has written down things for me to consider over the half term break. 

Tomorrow I will get my feedback from Graham from last Tuesday and include my ULN number and project date on my final proposal document. I will print out and fill in the submission sheets Jo has created, ready for the final deadline. I will also print two copies of my film poster in A3 to display outside the exhibtion, one will be for the media – only exhibtion and the other for the main exhibtion. 

Production Diaries – Week 12. 

15th May. 

Today was the start of the exhibition prep process, which meant that we (the class) had to clear out and clean the Foundation room in order to set up the exhibition space. We started by clearing out our drawers and moving any work that had been left around the room. We then cleared the tables, which were stacked along one wall and then the chairs which were stacked on top of drawers. These will be hidden by the exhibition boards, which were put up after the space was cleared. I then helped by cleaning the sink areas and chairs that will be used during the exhibition. 

16th May.

In the morning we had a group screening of our final edits with Brian and Graham, who would give us feedback. I chose to go first as I had to leave before 10:00 because of my meeting at the WISH centre. Unfortunately I had to leave before my film could be shown, but I asked my peers to write down their feedback and I will collect it, and the feedback from my tutors next week. 

The meeting at the WISH centre was with Lauren today as Julie is still away. The group talked about how domestic abuse between parents can affect children in the household, a discussion was held about what the women thought their children needed, what they needed and what they thought an abusive person needed. We then watched the BBC drama Murdered By My Boyfriend (2014) which I have analysed for my secondary research earlier in the project. The film was very hard – hitting, for myself as it brought back the reality of what some people go through and for the women in the group as most of them had had very similar experiences to the character in the film. 

Originally after the group I wanted to show those who stayed behind for my interviews my own short film, however I felt that it wasn’t the right time as they had just watched a film about domestic abuse and were emotional. Five women stayed behind and allowed me to interview them anonymously on their experiences with abusive partners. I asked the women how they had felt then, how they felt now, how the WISH centre was helping them / had helped them and what they were moving forward to. It was nice to see that despite the things these women have experienced, they still had a positive outlook on life and were working towards goals and aspirations. I will link the interview recordings to my primary research post through Google Drive. 

18th May. 

Continuing with the exhibition prep, we spent the day painting the exhibition boards and cleaning, sanding and painting the corridor outside the Foundation room. I helped by painting some of the boards, painting part of the corridor later on and washing the paint trays and brushes at the end of the day. Next week we will begin to display work and media will put together a showreel of our films to be shown at the main exhibition and our seperate one. 

Production Diaries – Week 11. 

8th May

9th May

11th May

Today is the last day to complete pieces of physical work as the deadline to hand it in is Monday 17th. I will be giving my film to Brian via USB as he is editing all of media’s films together so that they can play on a loop during the main exhibition. 

In the afternoon I had a short meeting with Peter and he gave me feedback on my finished film, which I have uploaded to YouTube. I will privatise the video after showing it to Jo as it has not been marked yet. Peter said that my film was powerful as it tackled a delicate subject and that I had resolved telling a complex story through the narrative and shots I had used. He mentioned that one of my strengths is planning how I shoot scenes and that he has noticed this in my other work, this is similar to what Brian has told me before as he also thinks my strengths are planning and organising. 

In his opinion, the strongest scenes are the flashback scenes as he likes the interior shots and thinks that the black and white effect works to hide the strong lighting. Peter also liked the ending, which he said was a dramatic way of concluding the story. He mentioned that I had managed to convey the narrative, the time changes and the pressure the character was under due to the abuse in a short space of time which gave the film a good pace. He was pleased with the film as a whole and said that he felt involved with the narrative and the characters. 

I am happy that I have recieved a lot of positive feedback about my film as I was slightly unhappy with it before as it wasn’t what I had imagined. I have planned to have a tutorial with Peter next Thursday to look at my blog work. 

Post Production – Exhibition Plan and Poster.

Exhibition Plan.

My exhibition plan is to include my short drama film in a compilation of work done by the other media students, this will play on a loop from a projector in a separate room from the main exhibition space.

Media will have a short film screening sometime before the main exhibition in either the screening room (located in the Future Centre) or the lecture theatre (located in the University Building.)


Part of my exhibition plan is creating a poster to advertise my film, this is something I did for my FMP on my previous course. Creating a poster will draw attention to my film as well as inform people of what it is about and when / where it will be shown. I will display my poster either in the main exhibition room, or in the corridor near the room media will be using to show our films.

I created my poster on and used a still image from my film as the main image / background. I chose the name ‘attrition’ because it means ‘the process of reducing something’s strength or effectiveness through sustained attack or pressure’ I have applied this meaning to my character as the abuse has worn her down, causing her to act un rationally.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 15.39.52


Post Production – Editing (pt 2.)

Originally I had used additive dissolves to convey that the flashback scenes were flashbacks, however when Brian and Graham looked at the parts I had edited they decided it would look better if I made the flashback scenes black and white, as the audience would know it was a flashback because it is a common technique. I also used the dip to white affect to transition from the main narrative to a flashback scene and back. I included dip to white transitions in the middle of the longer flashback scenes to break the scene up and make it seem shorter. 
Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.30.41

The second flashback, which is the bathroom scene is my favourite of the flashbacks because it is well framed and it gives the audience a better idea of the abuse the character is suffering as her face is bruised and they see / hear an example of emotional abuse. 

The shot was originally a wide shot, however I decided to scale it in to be a mid shot as it would look better with the next shot which is a close up. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.06.33Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.06.43Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.06.57Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.07.12

Another of my favourite shots is the end shot, where the character realises she has hit the stranger and comes out of her flashback. Although the lighting is off I think it is well framed, well shot and that characters conflicting emotions are obvious to the audience. 
Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 14.53.01Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 14.52.43Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 14.52.52

I have added credits at the end of my film using a rolling title. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 14.52.14Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 14.52.24

I have finally finished the rough edit of my film, which I will show to Graham on my pathway day. I will need to fix the lighting for my outdoor scenes as it is underexposed in some parts, fix the sound levels and add sound effects at the end. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 14.51.54

After showing Graham my rough edit, he had some feedback for me and said that I should add a sound effect of a man groaning after the brick hits him and then a sound effect of a man falling during the end shot as it was unclear what had happened to him. He also suggested I change the third flashback, the kitchen scene, from a mid shot to a wide shot and then cut to a scaled – in close up. 

I changed the scale of the kitchen scene and added the sound effect of a man falling during the end scene. I decided to leave out the sound effect of a man groaning as the royalty free ones I found sounded too over dramatic. I then asked Brian to help me fix the lighting on the outdoor scenes as some of it appeared dark and looked yellow. To fix this he applied the brightness and contrast effect to each scene and adjusted them so that the scenes were brighter and matched the others. 

I then exported my final edit and uploaded it to YouTube so that I could share it with actress and peers for feedback. After I receive feedback I will privatise the video until it has been marked.  

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 15.22.53


Filming (Day 2.)

My second day of filming was on Thursday 27th April, originally I was going to film on Sunday 16th April, however I had to change the date to Tuesday 18th due to bad weather. On the 18th I had to change the date again, to Thursday 27th, as my actress had injured her arm that day. 

My original location for filming was Kings Road in Mill Hill, Blackburn however I had to change locations on the day of filming because my actress couldn’t travel to Mill Hill. Instead I used an alleyway behind Knowles Street in Rishton. This location was similar to my original location, included bricks which I needed for the end scene and was cleaner than the other location. 

Originally I was supposed to use the GoPro Hero 4 and Karma Grip tripod to film the main narrative, however due to a booking error I used the Canon XA10 and FigRig instead. For my first shot I stood in the middle of the alley, I told Niamh to wait five seconds after I shouted action and then start running. I used a tracking shot to follow Niamh running through the alley and then cut when she got to area where the bricks were. I did four takes of this shot to make sure I had enough footage. I decided to do an alternate tracking shot, where I ran behind Niamh and used the FigRig to hold and steady the camera. I watched the scene back on the camera and saw that it was too shaky and blurry so I did two more takes to see if the outcome would be different. Unfortunately the footage was still too shaky and although I like the idea of the shot, I may have to use the original tracking shot instead.